The question of how long it takes grass to grow would seem like a straightforward question, but if you're interested in taking care of your lawn, there are many variables that determine the growth rates of your grass seed.  So whether you're interested in keeping an eye on your prized back garden areas or looking at the various factors that impact on the germination speed, South West Seeds will guide you through everything you need to know!

Grass Mixtures

The most important aspect when you're starting to grow your lawn is considering the type of seed you need to buy. In many ways, the best and worst thing about buying seeds is that you have almost too much choice - there are hundreds of various different types of grass seed so working out what you need can be pretty baffling...

You can buy mixes for summer temperatures and winter shade, hard-wearing seeds to fine quality alternatives. The growth speed will therefore depend on the mix, so deciding on which seeds to suit your chosen area will determine how long it will take to flourish.  Our Cool Start 50 Grass Seed Mixes are an effective all-round seed; rapid to germinate even in colder conditions and extremely fast growing.

Growth Factors

There are a number of environmental factors linked to the conditions your seeds are germinating in and these will have an impact on the growth time of the grass. Climate and temperature, soil nutrient levels and pH as well as competition from other plants, weeds and pests will also determine how your seeds establish and how quickly they begin to grow.

Typically your seeds will thrive in warm temperatures where water and sunlight is easily available - the soil also needs to provide enough key elements such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium as well as calcium, magnesium and sulfur in substantial amounts. Our Nitrogen Fixer Seed Mix  is perfect if your soil is lacking some of the key growth factors and will suppress weeds, thrive in colder conditions and also provide vigorous growth for your grass.

Seasons and Weather

You can purchase seed mixes that perform well in certain temperatures at different times of the year. Primarily sunshine, surface and air temperature fuel fast growth rates as well as satisfactory soil hydration - typically winter tends to slow grass seed growth. Winter Greens Grass Seed Mix is therefore perfect for colder conditions and performs well in shady areas whereas the Long Drive Drought Tolerant Grass Seed Mix offers an immaculate finish and can cope in dry or even drought prone conditions.


Under optimum growing conditions, your seeds will tend to germinate a week to ten days after sowing, but depending your the seed mix you choose, it could take up to a fortnight to see a lush green lawn appear. Due to the emerging milder conditions, Spring is considered the best time to start sowing seeds if you're looking for fast results but early autumn can also produce a lush lawn before the winter frosts start to set in.

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Post By Ed Mason