Short of Forage?

We offer a comprehensive range of forage crops.

Root Crops

Forage Rape  * Stubble Turnips  * Late Sow Root Mixture

Grass Seeds

We can offer grasses from our cheaper range like Westerwolds which will bulk up very quickly or Italian Ryegrass 50/50 Diploid- Tetraploid blends which will produce two good years of forage.

We supply a full range of grass / clover mixtures from our catalogue which offer specially chosen blends using the best quality varieties available. Our seed rates are also higher than most of our competitors.  There is more in the bag from us!



Mobile Seed Cleaning

We currently have three cleaning machines which cover the Cornwall and Devon areas. We are now taking orders and have already started cleaning for autumn 2018. We offer a prompt and complete service, with fully trained staff who can offer a range of seed treatments. Savings of £100 per tonne can be made over the cost of new certified seed.

Certified Seed

Our new seed cleaning plant will be producing top quality seed, supplying local and national customers from autumn 2018. Be sure to place your orders early to guarantee your choice of selected seed, as supplies of some varieties are already running short.

Redigo Deter

This will be the last year that we will be able to supply Redigo Deter as a seed treatment to Farm Saved Seed and Certified Seed. Be aware that all seed treated with Redigo Deter must be planted before the 19th December 2018. If you think you will need Redigo Deter, please order as soon as you can while stocks last.

Grain Storage

Now that the harvest season is well underway, please be aware of temperatures building up in the stored grain, due to the very hot weather at the time of harvest. We keep in stock temperature probes, hotspot spears and moisture meters for immediate dispatch. For grain conditioning, we offer a full range of Polycool pedestals and fans.

Master Driers

Remember that we are agents for Master Driers, who supply a comprehensive range of grain driers to meet your requirements.


Post By Kimberley Roderick