This weekend the clocks go forward which means that Spring is officially upon us! This is great news for the gardeners among us who love getting out and about as the weather gets nicer. March is the perfect month to start seed-sowing as the soil begins to warm up - and what better way to kick off the springtime than with some well chosen wildflowers!

Growing beautiful wildflowers not only makes your garden look glorious, it's also great for the ecosystem. They allow bees to pollinate and butterflies to thrive in an environment that simulates the natural world more faithfully than the manicured, low maintenance plants and flowers found in your local garden center that are less capable of sustaining insect life. At South West Seeds, we have a range of eclectic and attractive wildflower seeds that will add a burst of colour and improve the biodiversity of your garden.

Bee Hive Mix

This wonderful and varied mixture is perfect for sustaining bee life in your garden. Attract and promote pollination with a colourful and natural array of flowers that include red clover that increases soil fertility,with subtropical sainfoins and pretty oxeye daisies among many others.

Standard Wildflower Seed Mix

Contains a mix of great wildflowers to get your garden thriving. Includes vibrant blue cornflowers,  field poppies and Red Campion that can attract butterflies, bees and moth species to its nectar.

Heavy Soils Wildflower Mix

Perfect for heavy soils - which are stickier and harder to work with, but often times happen to be more fertile - this mix is ideal for clay and silt soils that are damper and more dense than sand based soils. This mix comes with a tough but beautiful range of wildflowers.

Woodland & Heavy Shade Wildflower Mix 

Shade is an inevitable part of owning a garden. Whether sunlight in your garden is being blocked by fences, buildings or overhanging trees, this great mixture survives very well if you're having trouble with large areas of shadow but still want to liven up your garden with wildflowers.

Acid Soil Wildflower Seed Mix

Most plants prefer soil with a pH value of somewhere between 6.5 - 7, but this particular wildflower mix is suited to a lower pH ericaceous bed(a plot that has acidic or a low nutrient content). Includes Lady's Bedstraw, Ribwort Plantain and common knapweed.

Water Margins Wildflower Mixture

Specially suited to water margins and pond edges, this mix contains wildflowers that have adapted to survive next to the water features in your garden. Includes Yellow Flag Iris that grows fantastically in wet conditions, with a low pH and where there is a risk of submersion and the meadowsweet herb that also flourishes in damp meadow habitats.


For our complete range of wildflower seed mixtures to revitalise your garden, take a look at our website and keep up to date on future blog posts, news and great new products on the South West Seeds Facebook page and Twitter!


Post By Ed Mason