In preparation for the next shooting season you should be thinking about re-sowing your game-cover crops over the next couple of months to ensure they have established in time for the start of next season. We sell a vast range of game-cover seed mixtures, all of which use the highest quality seeds to ensure an outstanding end product.

Our most popular mixtures are our Cover & Feed mixtures using ingredients such as kale, sunflowers Quinoa, Maize, Millet and Rape amongst other ingredients. This provides a good leaf cover to shelter birds from the rain and wind and to hold some warmth under the canopy, whilst providing an abundance of feed when the plants go to seed. These mixtures also provide a safe haven from predators such as buzzards and hawks as the birds can shelter under the canopy.

As with all of our seed mixtures, our game cover seed mixtures can be altered to create bespoke mixtures to suit your specific needs.

A failed crop can be a very serious problem for a shoot and can be caused by a number of factors. Our Rescue game-cover mixture is excellent if you have had failed crop for any reason, or if your crop hasn’t established as well as you hoped. However you shouldn’t overlook the cause of the initial failure as it may need to be rectified prior to re-sowing. Our rescue mixture can be sown as late as the beginning of September. Using fast growing ingredients such as mustard, kale and forage rape this mixture still provides excellent cover and feed. It can be broadcast directly into stubble or standing cereals for late cover.

We are also able to supply Miscsanthus (elephant) Grass. This provides a great wind break and cover for birds. It is a very cost effective game cover option as it will last up-to 20 years. Once established there is very little to do to manage the crop. The dry leaf matter which falls off the crop creates a dry and clean surface for the birds, which is great on cold wet soil. Miscanthuis can be planted in strips alongside maize. The Miscanthus will help to protect the maize from the elements whilst providing cover. An added bonus is that if you ever want to cut the Miscanthus crop you can sell it on for bio fuel or bedding.

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Post By Lauren