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Pack size: 20.00kg

Purity is an organic mini grade soil conditioner, made from plant extracts, designed to purify the soil before the on-set of spring growth and autumn/winter shut down. The aim of this product is to provide the soil with a building block of organic matter, which will stimulate all available nutrients to release steadily over a 6-8 week period whether retained or applied by use of an NPK fertiliser. 

Benefits of Organic Plant Extract: 

  • Promotes establishment of Fescues, Bents and Rye grasses. 
  • Improves root mass and increases nutrient uptake. 
  • Increases plant tolerance to stress conditions.
  • Encourages faster grow-in and establishment of new grass seedlings. 
  • Increase resistance to, and speedier recovery from disease. 
  • Maintains plant count entering into a dormant period. 
  • Acts as a bio-stimulant, which will enhance microbial activity. 
  • Can be applied to all turf, greens, tees, fairways, sports pitches and general amenity turf. 
  • Suitable for all types of soil. 


This product can be used all year round but we recommend application in early spring and early autumn/winter. We recommend you apply Purity evenly over the turf at 30gms/m² (300kg/Ha). To enhance and start the process we recommend this product to be watered in for 5-10 minutes. This is designed to wash the micro fine plant extracts into the turf and start the break down process. 

Typical Analysis: 

  • 1.10% Nitrogen 
  • 0.26% P2O5
  • 0.94% K2O 
  • 0.02% Magnesium 
  • 5.7 pH

1 x 20kg bag will treat 660m² of turf. 

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