Autumn Seed Varieties 



Does it get any better, an ideal cross we have all been waiting for?  A conventional 2 row variety to match the hybrid yields. Highest yielding 2 row variety on the AHDB recommended list. Better specific weight and treated yield than California. Higher treated and untreated yield than Cassia. Excellent resistance to lodging, good stiff straw and excellent all-round disease resistance. Suits most soil types with a high specific weight of 68.6.



Very popular benchmark variety since its introduction in 2010. Early to mature with the highest specific weight of all the recommended AHDB varieties at 71.4. Long stiff straw, easy to grow and proven on farm. Consistent average yields with low screenings and excellent untreated yields with good all-round disease resistance.



A natural variety choice to replace its stablemate KWS Cassia (5% higher yield). Returned the highest yields last year as our new variety. Excellent resistance to lodging with good stiff straw. Early to mature with excellent over-all disease resistance. Exceptional yield potential on heavier soil types and highest yields on lighter soil types. Yields like a hybrid, but with less screening losses. High specific weight of 68.7.



A reliable performer from Limagrain UK. Quality grain, one of the highest specific weights similar to KWS Cassia at 70.3. Low screening losses similar to KWS Cassia. Consistent high yield potential. Yields higher on heavier soils, one of the highest yielding varieties on light soils. Good length straw and excellent standing ability with strong disease ratings, BaYMV resistant.




Robust variety that produces consistently high yields. Slow prostrate growth habit: a unique variety which is slower to reach stem extension. After GS31 this variety quickly moves through its growth stages. Early to ripen. Outstanding disease resistance, excellent untreated yield, not OWBM resistant. Performs well on all soil types. Quality grain, 76.8 specific weight, 11.5 protein content.



A new era in disease resistance, with a score of 8 for Septoria tritici. Unrivalled untreated yields and reduced spray costs. Grown for the domestic and export market. Sow late September onwards, early maturity. Stiff straw and good resistance to lodging. Extremely vigorous growth habit. Good weed suppressor. Reliable over a range of soil types. Quality grain, 77.6 specific weight, 12.7 % protein content.



High yielding ‘barn filler’ variety. Exceptionally high yields whether drilled early or late Autumn. Unique high yields treated or untreated. Outstanding disease resistance. OWBM resistant. Juvenile resistance to yellow rust. Consistent yields on all soil types and rotational slots. Quality grain. 75.9 specific weight, 11.6% protein content.




Very popular and most widely grown husked variety in the UK. Easily accepted by the millers as a preferred variety. Good resistance to Mildew and average resistance to Crown Rust. Exceptionally high kernel content, large grains and low screenings. Stiff strawed variety. Quality grain 53.1 specific weight, 76.6 % kernel content. Oats are prone to manganese deficiency, and this should be borne in mind for field selection.




The UK`s leading variety High yielding and early to ripen. Excellent agronomic features with long straw. High yield as a second cereal after wheat. Can be utilised for grain, anaerobic digestion (AD) and bioethanol. Very productive in NVZ and lower input systems. Quality grain 77.0 specific weight, 11.8% protein content.


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