Spring Seed Varieties 

Spring Barley (Conventional) 

SY Splendor 

New malting and feed variety available for Spring 2021. Both nationally and in the South West, this variety has shown the highest treated yields (at the top of the AHDB Recommended List). It also has high untreated yields. SY Splendor offers excellent disease resistance, making it suitable for a low input system. Medium straw length and excellent resistance to brackling, with a high specific weight.

LG Diablo 

An excellent variety, first recommended in 2018, it displays high yields sitting at the top of the AHDB Recommended List. In local trials this variety comes out just above some of the other varieties, particularly in relation to high untreated yields. Excellent disease resistance with a similar straw length to SY Splendor and a good score for resistance to brackling. 


First recommended in 2016, Laureate has become a very popular variety. It is suitable for brewing, distilling and animal feed production, offering one of the highest yields on the AHDB Recommended List. The straw length of Laureate is similar to that of RGT Planet. Laureate performs consistently well across the country with excellent disease resistance, brackling resistance and like most modern varieties it has a good resistance to lodging. 

RGT Planet 

This variety was first listed on the AHDB Recommended List in 2015 and has since gone on to be one of the worlds better varieties. Consistent yields coupled with a high resistance to disease and brackling makes this variety very popular in the South West for arable and stock farms alike. 


First recommended in 2005, Westminster is a feed variety which has been exceptionally popular in the South West region. Westminster has proven year after year that it is consistent with grain and straw yield. Very popular with stock farms as a low input variety and still grown as an organic variety as it still displays excellent disease resistance. 

Spring Barley (ORGANIC)

ORGANIC Westminster 

First recommended in 2005. Well established popular variety which produces good, bold samples of grain and long straw. This variety offers good disease resistance and is ideal for organic production. 

ORGANIC Evelina 

Recently introduced to the UK market, this variety has similar traits to Westminster. Good disease resistance and long straw, which is ideal for organic use. This variety is quick to establish and early to mature. 

Spring Wheat 


Selected for its excellent all-round disease resistance, high yields and good length of straw. Hexham is a true feed variety with good protein and specific weight. Can be sown from late autumn through to late spring. 

KWS Kilburn 

First recommended in 2014, a variety which offers a high yield and long straw. Excellent disease resistance, high protein and good specific weight. 

Spring Oats 


A well established variety, popular with the millers. High kernel content, yields, specific weight with a good resistance to Mildew. 

Spring Triticale 


Well established German variety that has been grown conventionally and organically in the UK for over 10 years. Produces high yields and is a consistent performer in both treated and untreated conditions. Long-strawed variety with excellent resistance to lodging. Establishes quickly and smothers weeds. Low input. Suitable for combining or whole cropping. Can be drilled from November through to March/April. 

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